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Special Schools

Contributing to Thematic Schools at CERN

CERN hosts a wide range of dedicated, thematic schools at CERN, many of which are aimed at young researchers, industry and students. Whenever compatible with its main activities, available resources and free space, IdeaSquare can contribute to such schools, offering specific modules such as coaching in (rapid) prototyping, team building, entepreneurship and fostering international scientific collaboration. As one possible example, IdeaSquare is interested in contributing to the OpenLab Summer Student Program. IdeaSquare works closely together with the KT Group, which is already active in the above direction.

IdeaSquare also works together on dedicated, short-term  design-driven student projects with universities. For example with HEAD in Geneva, where students constructed infinitive prototypes based on speculative design concepts, integrating fundamental laws of physics into their functionalities. 

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