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Special Innovation Events

Innovation Events

During short periods when the building is not fully occupied, IdeaSquare can host or facilitate innovation or entrepreneurship-driven events and courses. Such events combine different areas of technology and society with a very specific purpose, organized and funded by external organizations. These events are typically short in duration, lasting up to two or three days. IdeaSquare provides the facilities and can contribute to short term innovation events by offering innovation-related education and coaching[1].

As an example, "Hackathon" is a two-day dedicated event during which selected teams work to construct a prototype, respecting a tight dead-line and a challenge-driven assignments. Examples of such "Hacks" are given below in External links. Guidelines for organizing a "Hack" in IdeaSquare can be found here.

The Agenda Page of planned events in IdeaSquare can be found here.

All events recorded in Indico can be found here.

Photographs of visitors can be found here.

[1] For example, see:

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