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Detector R&D Projects in IdeaSquare

The detector R&D projects aim at contributing to future CERN programs such as high luminosity LHC, ILC and FCC, among others. Inspired by the pre-LHC R&D projects (so-called RD-projects) coordinated by CERN in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the aim is to offer a shared technical platform which, in parallel, has a strong connection to society. The emphasis will be on developing next-generation leading detector, imaging and related computing technologies. In addition to offering physical space for detector R&D, the purpose is to inspire next-generation scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs by exposing them to frontier R&D environment at CERN. Following their training, under close joint supervision by CERN and the partner universities, the young MSc and PhD-level students will be equipped with skills and tools to tackle societal challenges as well, including industrial innovation, new product development and human-centric problem solving. In its initial phase, IdeaSquare hosts 2-3 detector R&D projects related to ATLAS and CMS upgrades, funded by the European Union. IdeaSquare is also used as a test bed for the ATTRACT initiative[1], a wider proposal made to the European Commission for a dedicated detector R&D programme as part of Horizon 2020 framework programme.

Guidelines for entering IdeaSquare with a R&D detector project can be found here.

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