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About IdeaS

IdeaSquare (in short, Ideas) is a dedicated test facility at CERN that hosts detector R&D projects, and facilitates MSc student programs. While not in peak use, it also can host special innovation-related events. Located in a technical hall (B3179) next to the Globe of Science and Innovation, it offers ad-hoc meeting space and rapid prototyping facilities for innovation-related projects. It brings together CERN personnel, visiting students, and external project collaborators from the domains of research, technology development and education. The purpose of IdeaSquare is to bring together people to generate new ideas and work on conceptual prototypes in an open environment, and contribute to KT Group activities in helping to shape and improve them further, towards socially and globally relevant new product ideas and innovation.

The attempted spirit of engagement in this collective space is lightly summarized here.

IdeaSquare is an experiment itself, and it explores new ways to demonstrate the value of basic research. It aims at delivering innovation to society at a marginal cost, the activities being covered outside the CERN annual budget. Experiences and feedback have been collected since August 2013, including an early pilot phase called IdeaLab (in temporary facilities in Building 16) which was successfully completed, taken over by the next development phase in IdeaSquare. An interim report of IdeaSquare learning experiences will be submitted by the end of 2015 to the CERN management.

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